In a press release published today, tech giant company Amazon announced Amazon HealthLake, a "HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare and life science organizations."

Amazon HealthLake applies full data to an AWS data lake and automatically standardizes it with machine learning. Every piece of clinical information, tags and event indexes can be easily searched and organized. Amazon HealthLake will store, turn and analyze all its data in the nucleus through health organizations.

Health customers including AWS 3M, Anthem, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cerner, GE Healthcare, Infor, Pfizer and Philips support cloud and machine learning. Health care organizations generate a large amount of patient information every day. Clinical information is complex and notorious for being siloed, incomplete, incompatible and storage across several sites. Some health care organizations develop rule-based tools for the automation of processes for the transformation of unstructured data.

“There has been an explosion of digitized health data in recent years with the advent of electronic medical records, but organizations are telling us that unlocking the value from this information using technology like machine learning is still challenging and riddled with barriers,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Amazon Machine Learning for AWS. “With Amazon HealthLake, healthcare organizations can reduce the time it takes to transform health data in the cloud from weeks to minutes so that it can be analyzed securely, even at petabyte scale. This completely reinvents what’s possible with healthcare and brings us that much closer to everyone’s goal of providing patients with more personalized and predictive treatment for individuals and across entire populations.”

The service allows businesses to store, tag, index, standardize, query and incorporate machine learning for cloud analysis. Amazon HealthLake lets organizations easily copy health data in a safe cloud data lake from on-site systems. The service also automatically structures all of the data of a healthcare entity into the FHIR industry format. It is possible for information to be exchanged easily and safely between health care systems and third-party applications. The HIPAA-eligible service allows providers to collaboratively and give patients unlimited access to their medical information.

Amazon HealthLake can easily request, analyze and use machine learning to make sense of its data by aggregating, naming, indexing and structuring all its data. Customers can use Amazon HealthLake to develop, training and deploy personalized machine learning models using other AWS analytics and machine learning services like Amazon QuicSight for interactive dashboards and Amazon SageMaker. Healthcare organizations may for example, use Amazon SageMaker's Jupyter Notebook models to quickly and easily evaluate common tasks, such as diagnostic forecasts, the likelihood of hospital readmission and operating room utilization. Amazon Health Lake can be used to get a full view of patients and population health, to gain insights through research and machine learning, and to uncover previously hidden relationships and patterns.