China is one of at least two countries that are worrying globla experts by their rapid pace of vaccine development. CNN wrote today the country's "high risk" professionals have been vaccinated with experimental COVID-19 vaccines since July. The Chinese National Health Commission revealed earlier this week these professionals include medical professionals working on the front lines and border officials.

These participants are essentially part of Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm's Phase III trials. These trials have included participants in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Peru, and Argentina.

"There are clear provisions in Article 20 of our country's vaccine law" said Zheng Zhongwei, director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the National Health Commission. "When a major public health incident occurs, the National Health Commission submits an application for emergency use of vaccines, and the State Food and Drug Administration organizes experts to evaluate and agree to the NHC for emergency use of vaccines within a certain scale and within a certain limited time,"

This announcement makes China the claimant of the first country to innoculate the public. Last week, we previously designated the questionable honor to Russia when Vladimir Putin claimed his own daughter had already been vaccinated while their COVID-19 vaccine, still pending test completion, is moving forward with production and distribution for public use. China's retroactive claim sets their alleged public use at three years earlier.

"Once we build up an immune barrier for medical staff, personnel involved in basic operation of the city, such as those in the farmers market, transportation, and in some service industries" could be eligible for the vaccine, Zheng said. "Then the entire city's operation has a stable guarantee."