In a press release from Honda Japan, the car manufacturer is now selling a new product called "Kurumaku" that can be added on to your existing air filter to filter out harmful viruses and bacteria.

Kurumaku is not compatible with all air filters and vehicles just yet, but is touted as "an extremely flexible device that can be retrofitted to a clean air filter which will be eventually spread to other versions."

By adding "Kurumaku" on top of the regular vehicle air clean filter, the virus droplets floating in the interior of the vehicle are captured by air circulation within the air conditioner, and the virus is weakened by a special surface form.

The product employs a modern antiviral technology that uses zinc phosphate chemical conversion therapy, which is often used to avoid corrosion on automotive frames. It is an environmentally safe substance with a reduced chance of producing resistant viruses since it does not use additives.

Kurumaku was established at the Honda Motor Co., Ltd Manufacturing Site. Automobile Company Headquarters, launched as a genuine Honda accessory by Honda Access Co., Ltd.