In a press release from Oracle today, the computing and networking giant announced a partnership with The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on a newly established COVID-19 Prevention Network or CoVPN.

Included in this offering is a CoVPN Volunteer Screening Registry to “identify and screen volunteers who want to participate in COVID-19 clinical trials” boasting 100,000 registrants in its first few days of activity.

AI-Powered COVID-19 Vaccine Design Announced in New Partnership
Ardigen describes their technique as a kind of immunity design. Their platform uses machine learning to generate, test, and select the best antigens all within computational models

This registry is one of several cloud-based applications by Oracle supporting the Department of Defense’s Department of Health and Human Services. Back in April, Oracle announced a Therapeutic Learning System (TLS) platform “that allows physicians and patients to record responses to promising COVID-19 drug therapies....the initiative was extended to include patient monitoring. Participating patients can easily log their symptoms on smartphones giving healthcare professionals immediate access to early warning signs. Over 1.5 million patient updates have already been recorded in TLS”

The hopes of the CoVPN Volunteer Screening Registry is to support hundreds of clinical trials for both vaccines and monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19. While the program aims to include all Americans, the program is focused on those with a higher risk for the disease.

Photo credit: Håkan Dahlström CC BY 2.0