Nation's Restaurant News reports the Mexican American fast food chain Del Taco showed off their latest restaurant design concept, called "Fresh Flex." The new design was primarily touted to increase real estate capacity, help minimize net acquisition costs, and "ultimate guest convenience and [optimizing] operational efficiencies."

“These efforts are expected to help enhance our targeted new unit return profile and expand our real estate access,” Cappasola said. “This will allow us to be opportunistic in regards to real estate and conversion opportunities as it includes a smaller footprint drive-thru-only model to accommodate smaller sites. The new prototype will include a modernized design, improved functionality, and other operational enhancements that will refresh the brand and position us well for growth in the future.”

Contactless third-party pick-up points, mobile order or pick up driver lands and designated parking areas for anyone wishing to park, eat and go would be open. The kitchen was re-designed to suit the productivity requirements of the restaurant. In an attempt to have a successful service for their clients, Del Taco launched a revolutionary staff scheduling framework recently that helps them to “make sure they are putting the right feet and hours on the floor to provide a good experience for their customers.”

Del Taco partnered with the hospitality consulting company MY Studio ID to create the concept. The concept incorporates brilliant orange architecture with a vivid paint scheme. The concept is meant to draw attention to the freshness of ingredients. Additional attention is placed on a functioning kitchen where visitors may see workers in action—slicing cheddar cheese, grilling chicken and carne asada, and so on.

Del Taco mentioned that its plans to expand through the new strategy of “Menu of Venues.” “Fresh Flex” requires market space of up to 2,400 square feet. Small food choices and multi-site locations are accepted. This averages out to fewer than 1,200 square feet of enclosed area.

“We put a major emphasis on optimizing kitchen efficiency,” said Chad Gretzema, Del Taco’s chief operating officer, in a statement. “It is the production engine of our brand, so each new restaurant size scales around the kitchen.”