Mojo Vision is creating the first true intelligent contact lens, Mojo Lens. The company recently announced a partnership with Menicon whose commitment to the contact lens industry markets includes the production of products, lens design, lens manufacture and care solutions.

Photo by Adrian Gordon / Unsplash

Mojo cooperates closely with the U.S. Via its Innovative Devices Initiative, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The initiative is a voluntary program designed to provide safe and timely access to medical devices that can help cure illnesses or disorders that are irreversibly crippling. In April 2020, Mojo announced that in a Series B-1 investment round it had raised more than $51 million to propel Mojo Lens' growth, bringing the total funding of the company over $159 million to date.

Mojo Lens features a range of breakthroughs and patented innovations, including the smallest and densest dynamic display ever produced, an ultra-power-efficient computer vision image sensor, high-bandwidth low-power wireless radio, and motion sensors for extremely accurate image stabilization and eye tracking. Mojo Lens is currently in the R&D process and is not available anywhere in the world for sale.

According to the company, Mojo Lens has an interactive display that provides people with valuable and up-to-date information without requiring them to look at the screen or focus on the people and the world around them. Mojo calls this eye-up experience Invisible Computing an immediate, discontinuous and hand-free medium for information and helps people to communicate more openly and honestly with each other. Established by expert in technology with decades of development expertise, some of the world's leading technology investors are pioneering products and platforms, including NEA, Shanda Group, Advantech, Khosla Ventures, Gradient Ventures and the KDDI Open Innovation Fund. The future is unseen, Mojo believes. Set in Saratoga, CA, is Mojo Vision.