It’s a wonder the roads leading to the mansion didn’t take Mr. Body’s life before he was murdered. You were thinking about your retirement from the force on the way up the winding road. Now It’s the weather—it’s terrible, not that there’s ever a good day to visit a murder scene.

Normally a team of officers would arrive on site before you, clearing the scene and making your work a little more organized. Unfortunately, there was a mixup at the station and you were likely to arrive on the scene first. It didn’t help that the roads we’re at risk of being closed by forces of nature alone.

You arrive at the front door where the butler greets you. It looks like he has been through hell and back but below the neck his tie is straight and his suit is neat.

“Thank you for coming, detective.” He says to you. “We are in uncharted territory here and the dinner guests are quite shaken, as you can imagine.”

“I understand,” you say. “Before we get started, I’ll need to ring my station chief to check on the status of the rest of my team.”

“Yes, detective. Though I’m sorry to say the phones have been knocked offline for the past hour. I’m afraid I don’t know when the service will return. I have prepared a room for you in the event the weather conditions do not let up. I understand from a neighbor that a large tree had fallen on the road blocking all traffic. We weren’t sure if you were trapped behind the jam until you arrived just now.”

So much for the Calvary. This day is just getting worse and you feel you will have no choice but to put in the overtime. On the other hand, there are worse places to be.

“Would you like to join the others in the dining room while I take up your bags?”

The butler is forgetting you weren’t planning on staying. You have only a briefcase and some basic forensic equipment. You would like to see the body first, but apparently you’re not in a hurry for anything either.

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