Emisshield is a new technology known as an "emissivity agent," originally used for NASA spaceships, now being applied to clothing in order to increase the heat efficiency of fabrics.

“We have done an extensive amount of work on using the science of emissivity to bring performance to active clothing for both winter and summer activities,” commented CEO of Emisshield Inc. John Olver PhD. “The challenges of temperatures in outer space have been solved through using high and low emissivity materials that actively respond to heat. On earth, certain minerals in sand become scalding hot in the sun where other beaches the sand reflects heat without picking up temperature. We use the science of emissivity to engineer how fabrics manage heat.”

Emisshield compounds capture heat that the body creates to keep you cool. The new fabric uses its natural properties without extra weight or thickness improve temperature.

"Trizar" technology, as it has been dubbed, has introduced its products for outerwear, medium-sized, baselayer, jeans and even lightweight breathable films. The fabric has a separate low-emissivity substance which reduces the amount of heat in the outdoors and in the sun. Major League Lacrosse clubs have already implemented the technology to reduce thermal buildup in its players.

Macro view of frozen winter ball

Emisshield Coating Systems incorporate thermal re-energy capabilities for industrial heat applications. The central technology was initially planned and developed by NASA on the space vehicle X-33 and X-34 missions.