When the United States Government released its 2020-2025 edition of its Dietary Guidelines for Americans, scientists expected to see a response to widespread advice against current limitations on alcohol and sugar intake.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported back in July on these recommendations from an advisory committee who recommended Americans reduce their alcohol and sugar consumption. The suggested maximum allowance for alcohol will be one alcoholic beverage for the days that alcohol is ingested total, no breakdown by gender.

The explicit recommendation was less than 6% of daily energy coming from added sugars. Previously the recommendations were under 10%. In the U.S., average intake is about 13%

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The research was used to devise these nutritional recommendations. However, the new guidelines recommend an absolute maximum of no more than one drink a day for women and two for men.

As for sugar, the guidelines continued to suggest added sugars can make up 10% of overall calories. This means there is no actual change from guidelines from five years ago and the committee's advice was ignored.

The first time, nutritional recommendations was included for babies, toddlers, and pregnant mothers. The guidelines also advised against artificial sugars for children under two years old.