Social enterprise Wellness 4 Humanity launched their first COVID-19 home test kit. The kit consists of two tests, one intended to be taken before traveling and a second once arriving at the user's destination.

The company launched online sales for the first COVID-19 home test kit featuring both a rapid antigen and RT-PCR saliva test, which are highly successful tests to assess active COVID-19 infections.

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During Thanksgiving holidays millions of Americans traveled to find family or friends after months of loneliness this holiday season. Amid alerts and rising cases across the world, people go on a journey and gather and our mission is to get them back in the safest way possible by quickly reaching fast and high levels.

The launch follows a busiest week since the pandemic started, with only projected numbers increasing as Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's eve approach. This is the most busy week of US journeys.

The at-home testing kit consists of two tests, one intended to be taken before traveling and a second to be taken once you arrive at your destination, to give individuals an extra layer of confidence that they do not have an active infection with COVID-19 that can be transmitted to loved ones.

The kit delivers results in just 15 minutes, requires no shipping or laboratory work, and has 97.4 percent precision and 100 percent specificity, which ensures that false positives are impossible. The At-Home Saliva RT-PCR Test is carried out simply through a sample of saliva rather than through the intrusive and painful "brain scraping" swabs of the nasopharyngeal and submitted using a prepaid FedEx shipping label to a partner laboratory. With 99 percent precision, customers obtain their results from the saliva RT-PCR test within 48 hours. Results are sent to consumers through TRUSTPASSTM, an app through which Wellness 4 Humanity tests outcomes and declares "COVID-19 safe" to anyone.

"Wellness 4 Humanity's COVID-19 antigen, RT-PCR, and antibody testing is some of the most accurate tests available on the market today and, what's more, our partner's labs are able to deliver test results significantly faster than many hospitals and other clinical settings," said Dr. Vian Nguyen, National Medical Director for Wellness 4 Humanity, "While we wait for a vaccine to become widely available, fast and accurate testing is crucial to slowing the further spread of COVID-19 and allowing Americans to get back to normal."

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"Wellness 4 Humanity's speedy and highly accurate testing has been critical to us during this season to help ensure that our athletes, personnel, and their loved ones are remaining safe from the virus"

Wellness 4 Humanity is currently offering a Now & Later" deal valid through Dec. 22, which involves the purchase of an At-Home Saliva RT-PCR Test for $149 for a Rapid Antigen At-Home Test Kit at no cost (plus shipping).