The Infinite Message Board


Thanks for visiting, but we're not ready yet. Smosa is a passion project I've been working on and I hope to have it ready soon!


Smosa is an Infinite Message Board

Anything you type after is a board. If it's unclaimed, you can claim and create it by sending an empty email to a special email address for that board.


Similar to a blog or message board, you can add posts to boards. You post by sending an email to the address on the board page—no need to login or keep a password. Smosa only allows posts from the same email you used to create the board.


500 Year Warranty for Content Persistence

Written records from our era should be preserved beyond our lifetimes. All Smosa boards are hosted as static HTML on the Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS). You don't need to read smosa.



You can post with plain text or markdown for rich formatting. This means you get to use your favorite markdown writing app and/or your favorite email app to post from any device. Even write offline and send the email to your outbox to send out the next time you're connected.