The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) recently announced the increasingly popular "dragon breath" foods may cause harm too consumers.

Dragon's Breath is made from colorful cereal balls described as having a similar taste to Froot Loops. The cereal is then coated in liquid nitrogen and then served in a bowl. To skewer the balls, a stick is used by the eater. These vapors condense into a visible mist as it contacts the warm interior of the human mouth.

It is stated by Glutto Digest that Dragon's Breath was originally served at “minibar” by José Andrés in 2008. After Andrés discontinued serving Sisig in 2009, it spread across Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines.

Because of the intense cold, health hazards can be induced in the intake of the sci-fi food. The "dragon breath" during your consumption is a noticeable effect because of the low temperature of the liquid Nitrogen. There may be damage to the teeth in addition to injuries to the tongue or oral mucosa - also known as freezer burn or cold burn.

A number of German federal states have reported that 'smoke pops' are available for consumption in paper cups with wooden sticks, similar to the originally popularized minibar snacks. "Smoke pops" are corn flips that are filled for delivery to consumers in paper cups and then doused again with liquid nitrogen.

During the 37th meeting of its Working Group on Food, Consumer Goods, Wine and Cosmetics, the National Consumer Protection Working Group (LAV) addressed the new food trend and discussed possible health risks (ALB). Also present was the "Working Group of Food Chemistry Experts of the Federal States and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety", who pointed out, among other things, that consumers are generally not used to handling foods prepared in this way and thus might become very confused. Regardless of whether a warning is present, it is not possible to rule out damage to health.