In a press release published last Thursday, research company Avenue Group announced new data identifying notable obstacles in the fight against COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Advisory firm Avenue Group conducted a series of one-on-one, in-depth phone interviews with doctors, nurses, and members of the general public. Only half of participants are likely to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

It is estimated by the World Health Organisation that between 65 to 75 percent of the population, well over 200 million Americans, either need vaccination or recovery against the virus to achieve immunity. Antibodies are needed. "We know what the efficacy of the vaccines are, but its effectiveness will depend on how many people take the vaccine." Dr Anthony Fauci said last month.

Research by Avenue Group found numerous areas to fix in order to boost the acceptance rate of vaccines. "Only half of participants told us that they would likely take a vaccine of COVID-19," said Jeremy Greenberg, Founder of Avenue Party. "The safety and side effects are considered as the major factors driving the vaccine decision. Two thirds of those who aren't likely to take the vaccine doubt its safety," he said.
Many of the topics emerged from interviews with Avenue Group: women are more often the household gatekeepers and less likely to take vaccinations under COVIDÔÇÉ19 than men, more than one third of doctors and healthcare staff still do not accept vaccination and some do not regard the advice of their doctor as significant and have no support in the use of the new vaccines.

There have also been positive aspects. The election of President-elect Joe Biden had a net positive effect on the acceptance of vaccines. Half of the voters from Biden said that Biden's upcoming delivery monitoring made it easier for them to take it while the voters from Trump said their decision on vaccinations is not influenced by who the President is. More definite were the elderly and high-risk participants taking the vaccine. "It makes sense for me. I'm older and I have a low immune system." said a retired 74-year-old member from Port St Lucie, Florida.

Around mid-November 2020, during a rise in coronavirus cases across the U.S., Avenue Group performed confidential one-on-one phone interviews following President-elect Joe Biden's win in the US presidential elections. The total interview time was 30 minutes. There were 17 participants from the medical field (11 physicians, 6 nurses) and 23 from the general public in the 40 study participants.