In a press release today, Knightscope, Inc., a developer of high-tech physical protection solutions using fully-autonomous robots to enhance U.S. security, announced today a feature to be added to its robots allowing them to detect human body temperatures.

Knightscope robots are commonly known for patrolling some U.S. shopping centers. The long-term goal of Knightscope is to make the US the safest nation in the world, changing it all. Knightscope technology is an in-depth mix of self-driving technology and robotics.

In its latest updates, Knightscope has built a way for its customers to monitor body temperatures of staff members as well as visitors coming to a facility to help fight COVID-19 spread. The CDC declares that a person with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher is suffering from "fever," indicating a potential COVID-19 symptom. Knightscope's K1 ASR now provides an optional EBT feature that tracks building entry points for detecting high-risk persons and ensuring public safety.

Today the company offers a stationary robot named "K1", an indoor "K3" and an outdoor "K5". The latest four-wheel K7 multi-terrain is still under development. The Crime Prevention Knightscope approach incorporates the physical presence and real time on-site data collection/analysis of the patented Automous Data Machines (ADMs), also called Autonomous Protection Robots (ASRs).

Without needing remote control, the machines automatically patrol customer sites to provide a physical presence with measurable force multiplication to help protect properties, track area changes and prevent crime. The data is made available through the company's security operations center called "Knightscope (KSOC)". The browser-based interface allows security professionals to search for their work more effectively.

Over $70 million from four global companies and over 16,000 family offices and institutional investors has been raised by Knightscope since its inception. As it approaches a possible public listing, the company is in the process of raising $25 million in growth capital.

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