Sony is proudly showing off their new Electric Vehicle and boy does it look familiar.

Sony announced in July that it was preparing to begin testing the car on public roads by the end of 2020. While at its CES 2021 keynote it did not have a significant update on the EV, Sony says it began testing the EV in Europe in December and posted a clip of the car driving on picturesque Austrian highways, the newly revealed Airpeak drone of the company also appears in the video.

According to Izumi Kawanishi, a senior vice president at the company who was featured in the film, Sony expanded the number of sensors on the vehicle to 40 to allow for 360-degree perception and experimented with ways to improve their capabilities. He said Sony also built a method to check the safety and protection of its related car.

In the middle, the dashboard-length display panel, seen below, has five card-sized play tiles labelled camera, controls, navigation, music and video.
The camera is used for the detection and recognition of the occupant's state. According to Sony, if a sleeping passenger is found in the back seat, the car can automatically control the atmosphere around that seat to an acceptable temperature. Via daily usage, the machine begins to evolve, discovering the desired temperature and music of the driver and driving routes. Real driving details is used, the organization states, to make the room much more convenient.

The video featured a number of Vision-S partners, including Bosch and Continental, the Hungarian autonomous driving firm AIMotive, the tech company Elektrobit Automotive, the French automotive retailer Valeo, the telecommunications giant Vodafone and the German automotive parts producer ZF Group. The set of partners, which also includes HERE, Nvidia, Blackberry/QNX and Qualcomm mapping firms, leaves no doubt that there will be a Sony car that customers will purchase one day.