Nature's Fynd is a food company that uses some pretty unusual ingredients for a different take on animal-free protein. Their innovation is called "Fy" which is used to create their meat and dairy alternative products.

According to the company, Fy is a nutritious fungi protein developed using advanced fermentation technology. Filled with all 20 amino acids (including the 9 essentials), it is a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. While make use of just a fraction of the water, property, and resources of conventional protein sources.

The original aim of the NASA research was to decide what kinds of places would sustain life on other planets. Which led to the geothermal springs for researchers. Mark Kozubal, the man who is now chief research officer at Nature's Fynd, went to Yellowstone on the trip and later found the microbe in collected samples. The CEO of the business happened to visit the mutual friend and persuaded him to collaborate for the company.

And Jonas and Kozubal thought up Nature's Fynd, which includes over 100 individuals and has earned $158 million in venture capital. Jonas, a retired French Air Force officer who has also served in the packaging sector, has built an ADM, Bel Products, Kind Snacks and Cargill leadership team of product creativity, production and distribution executives.

To get some of the species, the team would never need to return to Yellowstone to collect more of the fungus. The protein can easily be grown by additional fermentation. It is not changed genetically. The organism duplicates in a warm setting, much like a bread yeast.

In order to build an alternate protein source, ADM Ventures has invested in several startups that exploit fermentation. Consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of their food's environmental effects, and de la Huerga says her team was looking for what will come next after protein dependent on plants.