New York-based Lab Farm Foods showcased its cell-culture technology with a demonstration lab grown chicken nuggets—one of three different prototypes. The startup announced its presence in the fast-growing industry of cell-based meat. The company's focus now shifts to raising seed funding in order to grow its team, scale production capabilities and reduce costs.  

On Friday, October 16, with demonstrations of three various prototypes. The Manhattan-based startup has announced its presence in the rapidly growing cell-based industry, with two types of chicken nuggets and a pork liver pâté.

"While we believe cell-culture technology still has a ways to go before it produces a viable standalone product, we see the opportunity involving blended hybrid products as a way to make a more immediate impact on the global challenges we are trying to solve, while still offering consumers the same taste and nutrient profile they have grown to love," said COO Dave Schnettler.

A ratio of 50:50 from cultured cells to plant proteins was presented as the first nugget for the tasting demonstration, while a ratio of 50:50 was produced from cultivated cells combined with conventional ground chicken. 100% of the liver in the paté was cell-cultivated swine liver.

"The hybrid nuggets made with the chicken cells were absolutely delicious! You never would have known that the nuggets were made out of 50% cultured cells," said Chef Stephanie Wright.