Israeli-based Remilk joins the countless companies vying for the plant-based milk alternative industry but with a twist: it's not plant-based.

The firm has created a proprietary approach to producing lab-based dairy, which greatly improves productivity in processing, and enables dairy cows to be substituted cost-effectively in the industrial production of dairy protein without jeopardizing taste, function or nutrition.

“Relying on animals to make our food is no longer sustainable. This model of food production has all but reached its limits in terms of scale, reach and efficiency, and the implications are devastating for our planet. Remilk is revolutionizing the way we produce food around the world, and importantly, is creating a lasting and environmentally-friendly food system that takes no more than what our planet can give,” added Wolff.

Remilk products are free of lactose, antibiotics or growth hormones and have no cholesterol. Remilk, which generates one per cent ground, four per cent of the feedstock and ten per cent of water compared with comparable dairy products, is much sustainable and eco-friendly than conventional Milk Systems.

The lab-made dairy product from Remilk is first of all indistinguishable from the natural milk products and is necessary to produce the authentic texture and taste of dairy products without cows, such as cheese, yogurt and cream. A single, proprietary method is employed by the company to reproduce the properties of milk proteins. This method most accurately recreates these proteins and also optimizes their functionality in contrast with the counterpart obtained from the animal.