Readers have pointed out to us that hotels aren't any different. Bad things can happen in hotels just as easily as in an independently hosted bed and breakfast. But what happens when you read reviews for a hotel? Hotels are compete with one another while relying on third party websites like,, etc.

Because this data is not contained in a walled garden single application, it is not an option for them to purge reviews that make them look bad. This is good for travelers because they can make an informed decision taking into account multiple viewpoints.

When you negatively review your stay, gig hosting websites will refer to review policies like this one to tell you they had to delete it.

For the more popular gig hosting websites, there is no appeal process or citation of what specifically in your review was problematic. You receive an email simply stating it did not conform to the policies, so it has been deleted.

So what is going on in that policy? We took a look and broke it down for you. We also showed how that policy had been abused to silence guest complaints of safety.