The leading global weather intelligence platform, ClimaCell, reports the 2020 hurricane season broke the record for the most reputable hurricanes ever.

The Atlantic tropical cyclone season has now run through the entire 21-name list. New storms are now named according to the Greek alphabet. There's still one month to go of the season.

In 1953, the Atlantic Storm Naming Convention began. Six name lists are approved every year by an international committee of the meteorological organization. The list used this year will again be used in 2026, except for names that the group decides to withdraw. For example, because of the impacts of Hurricane Laura in the United States and Caribbean, including over 50 deaths, it is likely that Laura will be removed.

The 2020 season, with its 29 tropical/subtropical cyclones, was one of the most active of all, thanks to Hurricane Eta which formed during last weekend. Ten of them became hurricanes, of which five became major hurricanes (including Eta, at Category 4).

The National Hurricane Center could soon be using the final names on the official list of Atlantic tempest names in 2020, with only one left left left to go. Only Wilfred is left on the World Meteorological Organization's list of 21 tempest names pre-approved for the season.

It could be assigned that name in the following week. In conjunction with three potential systems, which are expected to cause massive flooding across parts of the South East, four named systems – Paulette, Teddy, Vicky and the Sally – are now being monitored. The systems include a 70% chance of developing a tropical cyclone over the next five days in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Storm Eta weakened to a tropical storm. Forecasters warned of life-threatening flooding over the last few days.